For Parents & Students

Catching the school bus shouldn't be a daily challenge. If you don't like,

  • rushing to your bus stop worried you may have missed the school bus
  • waiting at the bus stop because the bus is late
  • standing at the bus stop in cold, wind, rain, or snow
  • having to arrive early to meet your child because the bus might be early too

then we have something you might like very much: SpotMyBus.

SpotMyBus is the smartphone app that shows you where your bus is and tells you when it will arrive at your stop. It's simple to use, accurate, and reliable.

While other apps can tell you how far away the bus is (in miles), only SpotMyBus can tell when it will actually arrive

Middle and high school kids love it because it tells them when the bus will arrive at their stop so they can avoid waiting at the bus stop in poor weather when the bus is runninig late, and never wait for a bus they have actually missed.

Parents love it because nobody has to wait around at the bus stop, and it's easy to meet their kids at just the right time.

Catching the school bus is easy when your school district adopts SpotMyBus!

Never guess again. With SpotMyBus, you can see the exact location of your school bus before you even leave your home.


Never again wait for a missed bus. With SpotMyBus you'll know when the bus will arrive at your stop (or when it left).

missed bus
Missed Bus

SpotMyBus eliminates the need to call your school for bus information. And no more missed calls from your school when the bus is running late.

no more calls
No More Calls

No more waiting in the cold, wind, rain, or snow.

poor weather
Poor Weather

SpotMyBus accurately predicts when your bus will arrive at your stop.

predicts arrival time
Predicts Arrival

Track all of the school buses your children ride.

set alarms
Multiple Buses
SpotMyBus App Screen

FAQ: Parents & Students

For Bus Operators

Track your school buses in real-time. See them moving on a map in your browser. Quickly & easily generate reports showing speeding, excessive idling, and more.

SpotMyBus includes an app for parents & students. It tells them when their school bus will arrive. It notifies them when their bus is near.

No more missed buses. No more waiting at the bus stop in poor weather. You'll receive fewer angry calls from parents about missed buses, and fewer inquiries asking, "Where's my bus?"

We provide a GPS tracker for each bus. We provide the cellular data service so the trackers can send location information to our servers. We provide the SpotMyBus software. All you need is a web browser.

And, are you ready for this? SpotMyBus is not only the best and easiest-to-use system for tracking your fleet, but it's also the best-priced system at only $29 per bus per month. That's about half the price of other systems.

Not only is SpotMyBus the best-priced system for school bus operators but, when a school district adopts SpotMyBus, all of their parents and students get the SpotMyBus app for free!

Instantly locate any bus in your fleet right on your monitor or tablet. Know exactly when each stop occurred. See average arrival time at each stop and variability.

Locate Any Bus

Identify buses that are speeding.


See any bus or entire fleet on map in real time. See the complete route of any bus, on any day, for any period.

See All Buses

Simply the lowest price in the industry: $29 per bus per month

Oh, and the mobile app is free for parents & students!

Lowest Price

Identify buses that are wasting fuel.

Excess Idling

Significantly reduce calls from parents asking, "Where's my bus?"

Reduce Calls

When a bus in your fleet becomes disabled, SpotMyBus identifies it and shows you its exact location.

Disabled Bus

SpotMyBus identifies and shows buses that are running behind schedule.


FAQ: Bus Operators

Pricing - Fair and Transparent

When SpotMyBus entered the school bus tracking space we were surprised at the lack of transparency in pricing. The most basic question when buying almost anything is, “How much does it cost?” At SpotMyBus the answer is simple because our pricing is completely transparent: $29 per bus per month. Large school district, small district, city or rural, our price is the same and there are no additional up-front or hidden costs. Everything is included in our lowest-in-industry price (except installation which we leave to our customers who are best-qualified to work on their buses).

Our competitors treat pricing like it's a trade secret. They won't just come out and give you a price. When you do get a price it will depend on your fleet size, your sales person, the length of the contract, how affluent your school district appears to be, and who knows what else. Worst of all, the price won't be a bottom-line price. To see what we mean, take a look at the Pricing chart to the right. Please notice that when we say our price is $29/bus/month that's exactly what we mean. There are no additional or hidden costs. You pay $29/bus/month in the first year, in the second year, and in every year. You won't find any surprises when we send a quote: it will be exactly $29/bus/month.

Features - Like no Other

Please consult the Features chart to the right to see some of the many capabilities SpotMyBus provides, many of which simply are not available in any other product. We are confident that SpotMyBus is the best GPS tracking system, and we will be pleased to provide an in-person or online demonstration.

Best Product and Lowest Price?
How is that Possible?

Software Isn't a Manufactured Product

It is tempting to imagine that higher prices indicate higher quality. In the case of a manufactured good, higher quality materials and craftsmanship generally do cost more. It really does cost more to produce a Cadillac than a Hyundai and the quality and price difference is obvious.

School bus tracking requires a tracking device, but all good-quality trackers are in the same price range. Aside from the tracker, the rest is software. The software determines what the system can do, how well it does it, how pleasant or difficult the system is to use, and how happy your transportation department and your parents/students will be with it.

Software isn't a manufactured good. Once software is developed any number of copies can be produced at no additional cost. The reality is that price simply does not indicate the quality of software—at all! In fact, higher quality software can actually cost less than lower quality software because it can be more reliable, easier to maintain and enhance, and may require fewer costly resources.

For example, SpotMyBus software was designed, from the very beginning, to minimize the amount of data that must be sent from the buses to our servers. The highest single cost in GPS tracking is the cost of cellular connectivity used to send location (and other) information from the moving buses to the Internet-connected servers. SpotMyBus sends information using far less than half as much data as any of our competitors. We are able to reflect these lower connectivity costs in our best-in-industry pricing ($29/bus/month). Similarly, we wrote all of our server software from scratch. The SpotMyBus server software is so efficient that we need fewer servers than our competitors and this is also reflected in our pricing. Higher quality enables lower pricing.

SpotMyBus has developed the highest quality mobile app to let parents and students track their buses, and we were the first (and only) company to make these apps available to parents and students for free. Why did we do this? The simple reality is that when parents have to pay for a mobile app the overwhelming majority simply will not buy it. If they don't buy it they can't use it. If they don't use it they will continue to call your transportation department to ask, "Where's my bus?" Providing the mobile app for free encourages parents and students to use it. When the app is free, usage rates are typically in the 50% - 80% range. When the app is not free, typical usage rates are only 3% - 5% which means you'll continue to receive 95% - 97% of those calls asking, “Where's my bus?”

So, the real question should not be, “Why does SpotMyBus cost so much less?” but, rather, “Why do other systems cost so much more?”
Pricing transparency
GPS cost/bus/month $29
Additional/hidden costs never
Tracker cost/bus $0
Activation fee cost/bus $0
Driver time & attendance/bus/month $0
Mobile app/bus/month $0
Training $0
Year 1 cost/bus/month $29
Years 2+ cost/bus/month $29

Driver time & attendance
Mobile app (for parents/students)
Predicts arrival time
Tracks multiple buses
Automatically finds bus stop locations
Does not require routing software
Eliminates need for data integration
Speaks directions
(No need for display. Displays distract drivers and are illegal in some states)
Speed aware
Knows speed limit on road
Alerts driver when speeding
Alerts dispatcher
Black box crash recorder
Fully map-based
Excessive idling
True speeding report
Harsh braking report
Bus stop arrival report
Vehicle usage report
Late to school report
Shows cellular dead zones
Add landmarks (schools/depots)
Fuel monitoring
Odometer monitoring
  • “We were paying nearly $40 per bus month per bus for tracking which didn't even let our parents and students track their buses. With SpotMyBus we've got a better system, our parents/students can track their buses, and now we only pay $29 per bus per month. Our families love it!”

    B. Smith Director of Transportation
  • “We were using an old radio-system before we got SpotMyBus. Now, for the first time, I can see exactly what's going on. My only regret is that we didn't get SpotMyBus sooner.”

    Jenny K. Dispatch Supervisor
  • “I didn't think we could afford an amazing, real-time, bus-tracking system. With SpotMyBus we've got one!”

    Drew N. Superintendent
  • “We installed the trackers in our buses and they did everything else. It cost us half of what we were paying and it works great. We got rid of our old system and are putting those savings to better use."

    Sam D. Director of Transportation
  • “I love SpotMyBus, and I love Spot too, and I think I'll never miss my bus again!”

    Sonia B. Third Grader
Privacy Policy

Your Privacy

We take your privacy seriously. Hardly a month goes by without hearing about a major retailer, bank, hospital, credit card reporting agency, or federal or state agency or department being hacked. There are thousands more hacks each month which do not make the news. Any company claiming that your data is securely stored in their computer systems is sharing a wish not a fact. Simply put: the only truly secure information is the information you do not provide.

SpotMyBus does not ask for or capture any personal information about anyone. It doesn't know the names, addresses, phone number, e-mail address, or anyting else about any SpotMyBus user; all SpotMyBus users are completely anonymous. Since no such data exists in our system, it simply cannot be stolen by hackers. Our approach to privacy and security is the only foolproof one: we do not collect any personally identifiable information so we cannot share it and it cannot be stolen.

Advertising and Marketing

You and your kids are safe with us. You will not see any ads embedded in any of our products. We do not use our web or mobile apps to advertise or market to adults or children.

SpotMyBus App

The SpotMyBus app which runs on your phone does not attempt to obtain or infer your identity or any information about you and does not transfer any information about you to our servers or anywhere else. SpotMyBus requires some Android "permissions" to run on an Android phone, but all are necessary for the app to perform, and none are intended or used to gather information about you or your location.

These are the permissions SpotMyBus requires and why it needs them:

No company is more concerned about your privacy than ours.

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If you are a parent or student who has installed the mobile app, and you need assistance please click here to visit our support page.